Being a custom order #crocheter has brought me to accomplish some wild tasks. This project being most unique; I’ve been asked to turn over 10 inches of hair into a guitar strap. Time to bring out the leather and chains! This will certainly be interesting. Progress pictures as they come.
August 30th is the last day I will be able to take custom orders!!! Until September 21st I will be completely dedicated to stocking up on inventory for peace day in the park.  Unless you need a baby blanket/afghan started, my shop will be closed until the 21st. Thank you for all the love and support!
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I have three more months until I meet my little one and get my body back. In the first two trimesters it was hard forcing food down, now it’s all I want and the wait gain is putting a toll on my heart. I’ve been this weight before, this size before and I hated it. Finally I got free of it now here I am back in the fat jeans I swore off and only kept as a reminder of where I’ve been. I know this is all part of a healthy pregnancy and I haven’t gained weight excessively, plus I’m eating healthy but my self esteem and image are right back where they started; sad, destructive and boarderline hopeless. I will not be an unhealthy obese person again. Three years ago I was on the verge of losing my life simply because I treated my body like a garbage can. Your body is a divine temple and you will never get what you want from it while you eat out of a box. These pregnancy hormones got me feeling the blues and it doesn’t help everyone in Boulder is beyond fit and attractive.

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Yoko Ono, Painting For the Wind, 1961
I just want to have a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life.

— Jeff Buckley (via elige)

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29 weeks!



the stars on the american flag are actually asterisks for all the restrictions on the freedom it boasts


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Newborn pumpkin booties are the warmest way to keep your baby adorable all autumn long. Stand out and support small business ♡

Marijuana addiction/withdrawl, while mild compared to hard substances and only affects 25% of chronic users, is very real. No shakes but oh the nausea, no appetite and the vomiting that will insue if you try.

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This is an appreciation post about cucumbers. They are so delicious, go eat some.

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You never really move on from memories. I never really learned how to make new friends. Still content with the old and mildly wondering what happen to the others. Still got my one best friend here with me and all the others I miss that flew the coop and got the hell away from this place. Making friends was never hard for me but just the thought now gives me anxiety. I miss the comfortable company I had in highschool. I guess I don’t miss the people as much as I do the security of knowing someone has your back. I almost wish things turned out different but I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m very thankful for the beautiful life I created, starting a family with my fiancé. I just know I would feel better if I had those girls by my side. Time shows you who your friends are, at least I tried to make ammends.

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